Who We Are

Build your dream home. Hassle-free.

Home is where the heart is. It is our place of residence and refuge, where we sleep, eat, work, study, play, and do everything else in between. It goes without saying that everyone wants to make their home look beter. This can be a challenging task as it requires careful consideration in choosing the right materials, adhering to installation specifications, and creating a harmonious aesthetic compatible with other decor.

Seeking to help people achieve home beauty and brilliance in both form and function, we started offering certified faucets on Amazon since 2014, with the aim of enhancing home aesthetics while ensuring safe drinking water supply for the masses.

As a result of the resounding success, we began expanding our offerings in the bathroom product market, and created the Aquaterior brand.


We are Partnered with YescomUSA!


Why Yescom?

Yescom is a company focused on passion; yours and ours! We strive to bring passion to our work and we do so by displaying it in the following categories:

(1) the relationship between the market and customer need,

(2) the deployment of resources in terms of faster production of product trends and product design,

(3) a commitment to customer service,

(4) superb interactive communication with customers, and (5) product enhancement through ongoing dialogue with customers in the form of customer feedback and reviews to meet individual customer needs.

Relationship between the Market and Customer Need

The main reason for making the decision to choose Yescom is our strong company focus. This strong focus is grounded in knowledge of the interrelationship between market implementation and customer needs. Yescom focuses on the needs of customers in our segment, in order to be one step ahead in product iteration and next-gen release.

Faster Production of Product Trends

Our large-scale distribution base is located in California & Georgia with access to the entire United States. Yescom's supply chain background allows us to deploy resources in the raw material/supply market to facilitate a super quick turnover through faster production models and product refreshment based on customer demand trends.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our warehouse has an advanced inventory that is designed to get the product in the quickest way to the customer. Yescom's commitment to service is reflected in accurate service promises. Yescom achieves what it promises through accurate service content by way of a baseline that includes a more stable supply chain support beyond the industry average level plus detailed pre-sales and post-sales service team training.

Interactive Communication with Customers

Yescom offers a willingness to share and communicate with customers more from the "heart" by being willing to listen to actual customers' voices in order to understand their needs. Finally, from product development to testing and trial, to the end product enhancement, Yescom's staff works constantly collecting feedback and reviews to suit each customer’s individual needs. Yescom's future plans include inviting our customers to join the interactive process with us.

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I Vision - Aquaterior was created to make remolding your home bathroom and kitchen easier.

II Transition - The Impact of Bathroom Kitchen on daily Life

1) Change has never been easier, give yourself the courage to transform your home

2) After a busy day at work, it's important to enjoy a private and relaxing personal space.

III Aquaterior features - from the perspective of consumers

1) Products suitable for young homeowners: modern and simple design, providing different product lines and combinations, eliminating the tedium of selecting products individually, and making it easier to unify the style of housing decoration

2) Simple installation design: provide perfect product parameters and installation instructions, suitable for DIY when remodel or replace, eliminating high professional labor costs

3) Provide the best product value: we understand customer needs and provide cost-effective, practical product solutions

4) Considerate customer service: provide adequate technical support and service for customer's installation and usage